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services in all around Thailand more than 15 years.





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Did you know that the detective profession in Thailand is a profession without legal certification? Therefore, the service from the professional team is very importan



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We provide services with 4 professional teams, namely, work, personal, business and general work.



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Contact persons : Mr.Pongamorn Mobile :+66 619896239 +66 632246529 Line id : 0619896239 or 0632246529
















Interview with Phongamorn ***Professional detective***


       On November 8, 2012 TV direct Interview with the famous movie "Strong Shadow", Mr Pong Amorn, a detective about the affair. TV direct

Special program from 18.00 - 18.30 hrs on 8 November 2012 MC Khun Pingpong Sakaeawong Yongchaiyut

Popular questions in the list

Mc. : What matters most to be investigated?        

Pongamorn Detective : Incest, most of which are not money problems And then the third person


  1. For most women who hire Is needing evidence to sue And sometimes for peace of mind
  2. That guy hired a mistress, many gigs. The reason is that the mistress spent a lot of money. Afraid that the mistress would secretly have a gig Many people who come to use the service Started with doubts and doubts, leading to hiring and following up with adultery gigs.

Mc. : Is there any that can be caught following And how to fix it?

Pongamorn Detective : The story that has been caught in the red book has never been, but we observe people who we know or not. That he knew he might change his team or stop work

Commentaries for people who will be gigs Or a gig with a girlfriend (villagers) already is for women or men If he knew that he had a husband Or wife already Don't interfere If he gets in, he will withdraw. Have to restrain themselves Because of immorality Will be a stigma until death

As for those with gigs If that person who you are a gig, has a child, has a wife or has a wife, then hurry to retreat. Better away But if explored That your gig is empty Can catch him at all Because now there is the word gig

Rampage everywhere, anytime, haha

Family, if there is a problem, should face each other, discuss, do not blame each other
Contect +66 619896239 , +66 632246529 Mr.Pongamorn



Pongamorn Detective

Privacy Policy The information you provide will be kept confidential and Phongamorn Detective Limited Partnership will be the only person who has access to this information. Phong Amorn Detective Limited Partnership is committed to protecting your privacy. And will not share your information with third parties When you do, fill in the details above. (In the message section of the shop owner Contact page) Phongamorn Limited Partnership
The detective will collect the name, email address, electronic address (email) and / or phone number. When you register information The registration allows us to contact you back. To explain more about our services as you wish If you do not wish to share information with the company Or want to delete your information from the database of Phong Amorn Detective Partnership, please contact us at the customer service department
Phonnumber +66 619896239 , +66 632246529 Mr.Pongamorn
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